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Fun concept. I used to like basketball until it became about the money. The NBA, college and Olympic games are more about marketing than sport these days. That’s my pretentious answer. Truth is, I don’t have cable.

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Sometimes You’re Just Inspired

It’s very rare that you experience those eureka moments, where everything comes together like an A-Team music montage. Typically, I travel from sketches to roughs, to edits to “that’s all I got in my tank, let’s just go with this.” However, my recent logo design for our Montreal Sauce podcast tee was an epiphany, a flash of “Ah ha!” You know, the exclamation, not the 80s group



This new design actually came to me when I was busy working on another logo. I had been kicking around a new podcast idea for a while and I decided to start doing some pre-production to get the ball rolling. After putting together a format, selecting some bad movies and scheduling some guests I started on the logo for Film Frown. In the middle of indecision and searching for inspiration, I took a break and found pictures from this summer. As much as I miss Lake Michigan, the mountains here in Canada are awe inspiring. That was all it took. The classic “sunshine behind the mountains” logo/graphic/clip art is where my brain lit up.

The Canadian leaf became my sunshine and the title became the mountains. That’s it. There’s my pretentious artist statement minus the gibberish. I can simplify it even more: think morning show logo. 



Paul and I wanted to do a t-shirt to promote the show and it was always on my to-do list. However, he felt the current logo had poor readability. Perhaps the Montreal Sauce logo v0.7 (above) is a good example of the normal design process. I wanted tech & syrup in a disgusting combination. I started out looking at circuit boards and debating a photo realistic look built in 3D software. Instead, I crafted my own circuit board in Illustrator. Eventually, it all got too complex. I experimented with textures and photographing a real pannekoeken from De Dutch. Then, we ended up with just a flat pancake so the text was readable which I estimate to be seven versions into the process. In this case, I fell in love with the process. Creating the circuit board and learning how to create a realistic “sauce” for the text was fun and rewarding.  Thus, it wasn’t a total loss. 



Speaking of rewarding, it’s great to see so many of you supporting the show or the design by purchasing the shirt on Cotton Bureau. As of this blog post, 25 shirts have sold! Cotton Bureau gave our shirt 2 weeks of exposure in which we have to sell at least 12 to get printed. If we sell 25+ Montreal Sauce gets a small profit to keep the show going. The shirt will be up for sale until September 25, 2014 at 2pm EDT. I apologize if you’re reading this after that date. You can always visit the site and request that it gets printed again, but I haven’t found any information on what the magic number of requests has to be before they reprint a shirt. 

I designed a few tees in college for various plays that I was in, but I am very humbled to have my creation next to all the superb designs that Cotton Bureau has selected. So thanks again for your support, whether it’s buying the tee, listening to our show or simply reading this post. If you don’t have a taste for the Montreal Sauce show, have a listen to our new podcast about bad movies. The first episode is live at 9pm EDT on Thursday September 25th. We’re always live at that time on Thursday evenings, just look to @pauld, @sikkdays, @montrealsauce or @filmfrown to find out what’s playing.