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The Mocking Dead S04015- Unobtanium


Forget the recap. You know what’s happening, anyway. Glenn & Maggie find each other to satisfy the 18-34 female viewers. Daryl learns just how “bad” the bad guys he fell into are to appease the male audience. Then, Maggie & Glenn march everyone to see the Wizard in Terminus.

The culmination of the second half of this season has been focused on Terminus. The word Terminus means “end of the line.” Let’s say you and your friends wanted to hit a new pub tonight called, The Crematory. It’s a cheesy name, but maybe you’ll have a good time. Now, let’s imagine you live in a post apocalyptic world full of zombies and desperate people. Would you go to a town or building called Murder Death Kill? I’m sorry but naming the sanctuary, Terminus is ridiculous like the valuable ore in Avatar being called Unobtanium. Of course, making that observation forced me to do some research and I learned that unobtanium is a term used by scientist to describe an unknown or impossible to get substance. However, this is Hollywood. They certainly don’t fly people around in crusty old shuttles or rockets in movies. They use imaginative spacecraft. Likewise, they could have made up a name for the mineral in Avatar. 

The writers and creator of The Walking Dead are surely congratulating themselves with this pedestrian idea of Terminus. It is the end of a rail line, where our group will unite and end their time apart and the end of season 4. Most likely, Terminus will be the end of a character or two in our group in the next episode or season. Let’s not also forget that it probably serves as a sign to actress Denise Crosby that her career is at its end when she gets villain guest spots on cable shows. She must wake up everyday wondering why she decided to leave Star Trek: The Next Generation after 22 episodes.


Seriously, Terminus is a dumb name for a town in a post apocalyptic world. It’s like naming your website “” and hoping people will visit it. In contrast to the ominous name, it was filled with blooming flowers and looked oh, so inviting. Aside from that obvious warning sign, there was a very big grill. It was a human-sized grill behind the only person they meet in Terminus. There was no other people there when Glenn & crew arrive. Hmm, they must all be working on the trains. 

Meanwhile we learned that Daryl’s baddie group is out searching for the guy who offed their buddy in the bathroom of a house they were staying at. Even though they killed one of their own this very episode for lying, they still want to walk the Earth to deliver revenge unto Rick? Hey, who am I to make fun? At least these guys and Glenn & Maggie are motivated by something. Anxiety and insecurity rule my life to the point that I sit at home blogging about bad TV shows instead of applying myself to find work. On that happy note of reality, I’ll leave you until next week. 

Sorry for the short recap and pathetic outburst of personal drama. Perhaps, I should get Waylon Jennings to guest post again next week. Then, I can try to get my shit together and find gainful employment so the self-loathing and stress doesn’t sour my writing. Actually, I will be out of town next week. Anyone want to fill in? A community sourced recap? Send you version to christopher at sikkdays dot com. I already have a title for next week, Terminus, a Town Painted in Soylent Green.


The Mocking Dead S04014- Do You Understand Right vs. Wrong Yet?


Nothing much happens this episode. I know I say that every episode, but seriously there isn’t much for me to recap. I am actually happy with the ending of this one. Don’t get too excited. I’m probably happy for the wrong reasons. I’m not like other people, just like Carl 2: Lizzie. 

Yes, that’s the episode I was entrapped into watching this week, Lizzie’s daytime Emmy audition tape. Please understand, I am not going to attack some young actress for poor skills. To become skilled at acting, like anything else, takes time. You also need a good director and a decent script. This particular episode was a rehash of the same train we’ve been on before. Thus, it felt like even the writers were bored of repeating the story. We’ve only done the “right vs. wrong episode” 49 of the 50 shows aired. 

Basically, Carl 2 is wrong in the head. She thinks walkers are people. She’s like Hershel, but a complete sociopath. Her nagging sister Mika, I dubbed Andrea 2 for complaining so much in a previous episode. Andrea 2 knows walkers are bad, but plays the little girl card when it comes to protecting herself against walkers or bad people. So, Carol spends the episode trying to teach Andrea 2 to protect herself and her sister from walkers. Carol is also trying to teach Carl 2 that walkers are bad and they must be killed, not everything and everyone else. Carl 2 just needs to be more Canadian. You know, she needs to be polite. Maybe she’s right? Maybe zombies are people?

The writers are congratulating themselves because they have the contrast of Carol the unfeeling against these little girls who have the emotions and feelings she is missing. They also have New T-dog in the mix who is missing his girlfriend that Carol offed. Unfortunately, we’ve been through all this before. Hershel had a chubby for walkers not being evil and we had Shane betraying & killing Otis and not telling anyone. Not to mention, at the prison we’ve been over all this before with these same characters. It is a gimmick to put New T-dog and Carol together to build the suspense. We’re not stupid. We know it is going to come out. Therefore, it doesn’t build. We expect it. The girls did this “walkers are people” bullshit at the prison as well. This is nothing new. You’ve seen this episode.

That’s the show, really. It was just a circle of arguments, over and over. Fine, I will give you a small synopsis. Andrea 2, tells Carol that they have to kill walkers but she can’t kill people. Makes sense to us, but not to Carol. See, aren’t the writers just so clever? Sigh. Carl 2 spends the show trying to convince New T-dog, Carol and Andrea 2 that walkers are people too. She feeds mice to one on the railroad tracks that is stuck. She plays with one in the yard of a house that they’re all camping at. When Carol finds her and kills the walker, Carl 2 has a fit. Again, if she had a developed character in the script it might have been impressive. Yet, I get the impression that the writers think characters staring off to nowhere is character development in this show. Then, for whatever reason New T-dog and Carol leave the girls and baby Judith at the house to go off hunting deer together. When they return, Carl 2 had killed her sister to prove to them that she will be alright when she comes back as a walker. 


Carol takes Carl 2 out to pasture, literally. It was like putting a horse down. New T-dog watches from the house while taking care of Judith. Those clever writers have now put him in a situation where he watches Carol do necessary killing. I’m sorry, is that annoying when I spell it out like that? It sure is annoying to me as a viewer when the writers do it this way. Mika & Lizzie are now dead. Two characters that I never liked from the start because they were poorly put together. This is what made me happy this episode. 

Also, the pressure of the situation forces Carol to confess to New T-dog. She dramatically hands him a gun and tells him to “Do what you needs to do.” Can you feel the tension, just reading that? Me neither. You know he’s going to forgive her. The real question I have, why is New T-dog blithering about his dead girlfriend and never once mentions his sister Botox?

Ancillary Characters

I joked that the trend with The Walking Dead was similar to Star Trek, introducing red shirt characters each episode to be killed. Perhaps it is slightly more complex, like the shows of 1980’s that introduced African American characters. Tons of shows in that period introduced African American characters or families in one episode to handle a race issue. Then, they forever disappeared from future episodes. Effectively, the shows were pandering to critics and African Americans. On South Park, they parody this trend by calling the one African American boy in town, Token. 

In The Walking Dead, we get additional characters to teach us lessons and move the story along for our central group. Lizzie & Mika were introduced for a lesson on right and wrong that we’ve already experienced with Rick, Shane, Lori, Carl and so on and so on. Since these are temporary characters, the writers don’t take time to fully develop them. However, they tend to last longer than a red shirt on Star Trek. It’s just awkward because we don’t get attached to these characters and then they die. There’s no drama. Is this show a social experiment, trying to condition us to accept violence?

Character Development Through Long Close-Ups

This is how they develop characters on The Walking Dead.